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Greetings from the RISY Family

In order to enhance the participation of the community and those interested in spreading e-learning and distance education, the Saudi Ministry of Education has launched a digital and educational competition called " My School ". This competition focuses on topics of teaching and distance learning processes by presenting creatively designed content that can be published on social media.

Who can participate in this competition? 

Students, parents, teachers and administrators 

Competition Areas:

  • Media

  • Education

  • Training


1) Media Field

Producing informative educational content that reflects the beneficiaries' experience for one of the following purposes:

Education - Outreach - Stimulus


A) Enhancing community participation in distance education.

B) Addressing a technical problem.

C) Highlighting a family's role in distance education.

D) Enhancing the position of a teacher in distance education.

E) Promoting positive values ​​of distance education.

F) Prevention and technical security.


2) Education Field

Designing an educational product in a course that addresses one of the following educational priorities:

A) Reading comprehension skills.

B) Mathematics skills.

It focuses on one or more of the following:

Concepts - Skills - Content - Methods - Means and Tools - Activities and Applications - Measurement and Evaluation

The product aims to improve the learner's performance in one of the following categories:

Early Childhood - Upper Grades  

C) Science skills (for only Intermediate and High School) 


3) Training Field

Designing training content to develop the professional performance of one of the roles of distance learning processes:

A) Best training content for using the platform.

B) Best e-learning design in distance education to implement curriculum lessons.

C) Best training content design directed (for the student, the parent, the teacher) from the school leader.

D) Designing an electronic form to measure learning outcomes.

It deals with one or more of the topics:

Concepts - objectives - trends - skills - content - methods - means and tools - activities and applications - evaluation and measurement tools.

The product aims to improve the professional performance of the beneficiaries from one of the following segments: 

Teachers - school leaders - educational supervisors

Types of Products offered:

Hyperlinked document

video clip


Motion graphics

Moving messages


Audio clip

Competition Conditions:

• The design of the participation content should be aimed at teaching or raising awareness about distance education platforms.

• The participation content should be in one of the competition areas. It should be presented in one of the type of products specified in the competition. 

• The participation should be individual or with a team of not more than three members, one of whom should be the team leader.

• The participation content should be submitted according to the criteria specified for the competition and should not exceed 5 minutes.

• All materials and contents used must be produced by the participant only.

• Logo of the school and Ministry of Education, the title of work and the names of the team members, must be placed at the end of the main article & not throughout the video or report.

Posting Permissions: 

• The content should not contain any contravention of public policies and educational curricula in the Kingdom, and is bound by state regulations.

• The submitted work should not contain matters affecting religion, values ​​or public morals and should not contain scenes of violence or harm to any living organization or inappropriate content.

• Every participant or team has the right to participate in more than one product.

  • The submitted work should not contain trademarks, company names, logos, photos or non-proprietary materials of any other organization. Avoid any violation or infringement of the rights of any organization, by including their copyrights, trademarks, patents. 

• Ministry of Education has the right to use the submitted works, and their ownership and copyright shall be transferred to the Ministry of Education.

Do not to put any slogan in the post, whether it is a verbal slogan or a design.

• Participants can make use of content that has been previously broadcast or shown on any television channel, website or mobile phone, and any publicly accepted medium.

It is very important to consider the following points:

  • The digital content that is provided must add value to the knowledge of the listener and viewer.

  • Topic of the product should be clearly mentioned on the first page of the product.

  • Name of the contestant / s and their data (grade, name of school, contact information) should be mentioned at the end of the page or slide in the product. 

  • Do not add songs and music. Acapella, slow music tunes, slow human sound effects can be used as background sounds in audio and video clips.

  • Background sound should not cover up the voice of the speaker in the product.

  • Do not forget to thank the supporters, school and Ministry of Education, etc. at the end of the product.


Last submission date of Competition is: 12th November 2020

The submissions are required to be sent to with the “ name of the chosen field ” (Media, Education, and Training) as the subject of the email.

Any queries concerning the competition are most welcome at the above email.

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